Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hello World, Blogger style.


Just in case your don't know much about me just as yet, my name is Shariq. I am working as a Software Engineer at WSO2. I completed my BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering with First class Honors at the Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT) which is affiliated to the University of Westminster, UK.

Many a times during the past few weeks I have been thinking of starting my own blog. To be honest with you, if one of my friends told me to write my own blog say an year or two ago, my immediate response would be like, "Whaaa?!? you got to be kidding me, right ?!? :D", and yea no kidding. So then, why the sudden change in perception?, that's something you'll figure out soon enough. ;)

It all started at WSO2. At WSO2 personal branding is an important factor and all employees are encouraged to develop a unique identity for themselves. Whats the use of an identity unless the world knows about it anyway? One way of letting the world know about what you are up to is putting it in writing, preferably in the form of a blog so that interested individuals can learn learn from it and also express their own views on that particular domain.

Besides we are in the internet age for quite sometime now, its important make our presence felt on the web too, don't you think ;) ?!? OK so your probably thinking that I am writing this blog to create a brand for my self, hmmm I wish it was that simple !!

Personal agendas aside, I am blogging because I feel my posts would help individuals researching on IT and technology related domains.
77% of Internet users read blogs according to Universal McCann
That kinda totally make sense too, cause its always easy to learn through ones experience rather than reading lengthy documentation. I personally find blogs much more useful and accurate rather than lengthy documentation when trying get a piece of code to do something for me, so I just though "May be I can return the favor :)". Besides working in a innovative environment such as WSO2, I am pretty sure I could make quite a few useful posts.

Just for the record, I am no typical geek and I find many other things that are interesting, that doesn't necessarily reside within the boundaries of IT. So yes I would be blogging about my other interests too, which include sports such as soccer, cricket and TT of course ;), movies, TV series, books, games etc. Oh and yea, I am a bit of a funny person too, so I'll do my best to post some interesting and amusing articles from time to time, after all "laughter is the best medicine" or so they say :D.

Well that's about me and what I am up to as far as blogging is concerned. Hope you find my posts useful  and equally amusing to follow. :)

K then till next time ...